How to contact us?

The simplest way is to contact us via the Bitbucket issue tracker: Issue Tracker.

Otherwise, you can always contact the lead developer by email: pierre _at_


People listed here may have contributes in many ways: code, artwork, debugging time, datasets, ...

  • Barbier de Reuille, Pierre (lead developer)
  • Robinson, Sarah
  • Burian, Agata
  • Summers, Holly (logo, web design, ...)
  • Yoshido, Saiko

Past Contributors

People listed have contributed to MorphoGraphX in significant ways, and in this way also contributed to LithoGraphX:

  • Weber, Alain
  • Schuepbach, Thierry
  • Toriello, Gerardo
  • Strauss, Soeren
  • Nakayama, Naomi
  • Richard Smith's team