LithoGraphX, 3D data analysis and visualization

LithoGraphX is an open source software for scientists, by scientists. It aims at providing the plant science community with a solid, open, community developed, software for 3D data analysis and visualization. LithoGraphX is a fork of the MorphoGraphX project.

Current Version: 1.2.1
*New* Packaging system, plugin management, improved tutorials, new de-noising filter and incremental watershed segmentation.

Dataset gallery

In this page, you will find a collection of data sets and associated images processed and rendered with LithoGraphX.

Publication of MorphoGraphX in eLife.

MorphoGraphX is the project LithoGraphX is based on. If you are using LithoGraphX for your research, please cite this article in your own publication, and link to this website from your own.

User Documentation

There, you will find a full user documentation, with installation instructions, tutorials and more.